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Player Awards

Todd Templeton Coach of the Year Award

2019-20 - 

2018-19 - Robert Feranec

2017-18 - Peter Bouton

2016-17 - Ben Gruda

2015-16 - Jim Archibald

2014-15 - Tony & Sue Tullock

Player Awards

The Charlie Morrison Award is awarded to one player who exhibits leadership qualities and is supportive of his teammates whether the team experiences a win or loss. This player is always highly motivated and consistently exhibits effort in both practices and games. This player sets a good example for the rest of his teammates, is a good listener and puts into motion, directives given to him by the coach. This player does not have to be the best player on the team but is one who continually tries to improve his level of play through effort.

The Bryan A. Moody Defenseman Award was established by Diane Moody in memory of her husband (former Coach of one of our 14u C teams), is awarded to one player who exhibits continual and consistent effort in challenging his opponents. This player is one who always unselfishly promotes plays that will benefit his team and who exhibits support of his teammates in all game situations. This player promotes good sportsmanship as well as good will among teammates and opponents. A good listener, this player puts into action, constructive suggestions made by the coach for the improvement of his individual play. This player exerts considerable effort both in practice and game situations and is continually trying to improve his defensive techniques.

The Difference Maker is awarded to a player of any position who consistently had a positive impact on the team's performance throughout the season. This player stands out as one who changes the momentum of games and elevates the level of the game through his or her execution of offensive and/or defensive skills. This is a player who not only competes, but competes for the team with a team-first attitude, disciplined play, and a tremendous work ethic in games and practices.

2019-20 Player Awards

Team Difference Maker Moody Morrision


2018-19 Player Awards

Team Difference Maker Moody Morrision
10u-AA Maxwell Kenny Josh Darcy Joe Kosier
10u-A/B Matt Badalucco Maddie Evans Cam Mance
10u-B Tobben Curtis Matt Broker Jackson Kinne
10u-Garnet Iain Feranec Julie Roesch Connor Cook
12u-AA Carter Irving Ava Reynolds Henry Marcincuk
12u-A Zachary Boucher

Mason Famulare

Jack Bouton

Michaiah Minns
12u-B Matt Romero Reid Balderston Jackie Kehoe
14U-AA Tyler Carroll Sophia Labreque Elliot Nemec
14U-B Dylan Alvord Thomas Pultolka Brice Williams
18U-Arch Alex Bzdell Tommy Anderson Evan Carey
18U-Buff Tony Cotugno Kevin Abatto Ryan Carroll


2017-18 Player Awards

Team Difference Maker Moody Morrision
10u-A Colin Pickard Leo Polsinelli Cam Olsen
10u-B Perry Lotano Luca Coppola Keegan McGovern
10u-C Joe Kosier Cameron Mance Gavin Dibble
12u-A Alex Shear / Luca Polsinelli Peter Hans Grace Tullock
12u-B Henry Marcincuk Mia Frisoni Connor Foley
12u-C Mason Famulare Isabella Lagios Brooklyn Lagios
14u-AA Ryan McKone Brayden Kehoe Alex Bzdell
14u-B Conor Rafferty Kyle Kristel Paolo Coppola
16u Brendan Dunleavy Sebastian Geiger Collin Lagios


2016-17 Player Awards

Team Difference Maker Moody Morrision
10u-A Jack Martin Austin Evans Riley Lephart
10u-B George Angelopoulos Brayden Moynihan Connor Foley
10u-G Michael Nocera Mack Morley Dominick Calareso
10u-W Max Eddolls Reid Balderston Ceci Christian
12u-A TJ Pierce Ryan Wilber Gabe Laporta
12u-B Cooper Willson Sophia Lebreque Jesse Buchanan
12u-C Ty Macdormand Welsh Thomas Pustolka Jackson Rumsey
14u-A Nick Nocera Garrett Murphy Michaeline Anderson
14u-B Cole Nappi Beau Potter Loe Coons
16u Jacob Bourque Will Priest Evan Carey
18u Zachary Rentz Andrew Kopplin Ryan Mosher


2015-16 Player Awards

Team Difference Maker Moody Morrision
10u-A Dylan Bzdell Jesse Buchanan Eric Truesdell
10u-B Ben Grossman Grace Tullock Thomas Pustolka
10u-C Connor Desjardins Brooklyn Lagios Carmine Delorenzo
12u-B TJ Pierce Gabe Laporta Sophia Labrecque
12u-C Zander Cook Ricky Delorenzo Toni Guida
14u-A Kyle Larned Mike Farina Brendan Dunleavy
14u-B Michaeline Anderson Zachary Juron Phillip Hans
16u Geordan Buffoline Sean Sesselman Logan DiScanio