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Coaches Corner

Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play and Respect

June 2019

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The USA Hockey Board of Directors unanimously ratified the Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play and Respect at its Board of Directors meeting last Saturday (June 8) in a significant move focused on improving the game at the youth level, particularly related to player safety. The Board meeting was the culmination of the organization’s four-day Annual Congress here that included meetings among USA Hockey’s various committees, sections and councils.

The focus of the Declaration is a concentrated effort to change the culture around body checking and competitive contact at all levels of play and clearly define what is acceptable and unacceptable. The Board’s action makes clear that a body check must be an attempt to win possession of the puck and not an effort to punish or intimidate. Further, USA Hockey is committed to a culture where there are: 1) no late hits 2) no hits to the head and 3) no checking from behind.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Banging the Boards)

A bench minor penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior shall be assessed to any team whose player(s) or team officials bang the boards with a stick or any other object, including skates or arms, at any time, including after a body check regardless as to whether the check was penalized or not.

If a bench minor penalty for a violation of this policy is being served and before that bench minor expires another violation by the same team occurs that teams head coach shall be assessed a game misconduct under Rule601(e)1.

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Interested in Coaching for the 2019-20 Season?

Perspective 10U/12U/14U/16U/18U Coaches,

For those that don’t know me, my name is Peter Bouton, the ACE for Schenectady Youth Hockey Association. SYHA is now accepting coaching applications for the 2019-20 season. The application process is a "rolling process", meaning the Coaching Selection Committee will evaluate applicants as we receive their application and assign coaches accordingly.

SYHA is committed to the ADM program and USA Hockey’s values and principles. In addition to the season’s prerequisite requirements (see attached), we expect our coaches to demonstrate behaviors and values consistent with those of SYHA and USA Hockey. 

If you are interested in coaching in SYHA for the upcoming season, please reply via e-mail to 
with responses to the following: 

1) LEVEL: What level you are interested in coaching at SYHA … 10U,12U,14U,16U,18U (High School Development).

2) POSITION: If you want to be a Head Coach, Assistant coach, or On-ice helper.

3) EXPERIENCE: History of coaching, including most recent coaching experiences (all sports).

4) CONTACT INFORMATION: E-mail address and phone number.

Information will be complied and reviewed by the Coaching Selection Committee. We are forecasting 4 teams at 10U, 2 teams at 12U, 2 teams at 14U and 1 team at 16u and 1 team at 18U, so there will be plenty of opportunity to be engaged in youth hockey at Schenectady.

We look forward to hearing from you. One final note, I am sure that there are coaches who were inadvertently missed on this distribution.  Please make sure to forward this to any other perspective coaches within or outside of SYHA who might want to join us for this year.


On behalf of the SYHA Board,

Peter Bouton