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Manager Corner

Team Manager Resource Page

Thank you for volunteering to be a Team Manager.  The Team Manager position is an important role of the team.


**Contact your Division Director with any questions.

Important Notes

√  TEAMS CAN ONLY PLAY OTHER USA HOCKEY TEAMS - SYHA teams can only play games with other USA Hockey teams.  SYHA teams can only play in USA Hockey sanctioned tournaments.  Teams must make sure that tournaments are USA Hockey sanctioned.  Exception: Teams can play Hockey Canada teams after obtaining a USAH/Hockey Canada travel permit from the SYHA registrar.  Canadian tournaments must be Hockey Canada sanctioned tournaments.

√  TRAVELING TO CANADA - Teams may travel to Canada to play in USA Hockey Canada sanctioned games and tournaments.  A USAH/Hockey Canada travel permit must be obtained from the SYHA registrar. The SYHA registrar will obtain a travel permit from the USAH District or Associate Registrar in our area.  Travel permits request should be made at minimum 14 days prior to travel, 30 – 40 days in advance is ideal.  Team cannot play any NON-Hockey Canada sanctioned games or tournaments.  Contact the SYHA registrar to obtain a USAH/Hockey Canada travel permit ( 


Team Manager Responsibilities

The Team Manager responsibilities include:

Team Finances - Responsible for handling the teams’ money – Consider opening a separate checking account for the team funds.  Team Managers will be collect money for referee fees, tournament registrations, team building activities, etc.  Accounts need to be opened under the Team Manager's name (you cannot use the Association EIN).

Officiating Fees - Responsible for collecting the referee money from each parent.  See additional information below on referee fees below. 

Volunteers - Responsible for gathering volunteers to cover penalty boxes, keeping score, operating clock during home games.  Penalty Box attendants will also be needed for away games.  Consider using a signup website to assist in organizing volunteers, such as or  

Scoresheets – Manager should maintain the completed scoresheets.  The scoresheets will be used for year-end awards (e.g., hat tricks - 3 goals in one game, playmaker - 3 assists in one game, zero club - goalie shut out)

Scoresheet Labels - Create labels for the score sheets.  See template below.

Game Cancellations - You will need to communicate with your teams’ scheduler.  If there is a home game cancellation, you or the scheduler will need to let Master Ice Scheduler ( know as soon as possible.  Failure to let the Master Ice Scheduler know on a timely basis may your team responsible for the referee fees.

Team Binder - Maintain a team binder with: 1)  Consent to Treat/Medical History forms; 2) Participant Code of Conduct, 3) Parent Code of Conduct, 4) USA Hockey Registration, and 5) Commitment Forms.  The must be brough to every game and practice.

Team Webpage Access

Access to your team webpage should be requested from the SYHA Webmaster.

Team managers will need access to modify the team website and contact information

Team Schedulers will need access to update practices, games, and final scores.

General Information

Contact Information on SYHA Website

Team Managers should verify that the Head Coach and Scheduler contact information is updated on the SYHA Website

Head Coach - Link

Team Scheduler - Link

Requests for update this information and any other information on the SYHA webpage should be sent to the SYHA Webmaster.


TVHL Website Contact Information (TVHL Teams Only)

Team Manager should verify that head coach informatin is correct on the Tech Valley Hockey League (TVHL) Website.  TVHL Website.  Update requests for TVHL information must be requested from TVHL directly.

Quick Links

Referee Fees

SYHA teams are required to pay referee fees for all home games.  Each home game will have two referees that is scheduled by the SYHA Master Ice Scheduler.  Usually, the team manager puts the money in two separate envelopes and gives the envelopes to the scorekeeper who will give it to the referees after the game.  The below link has the current referee fees.  SYHA is Tier 2 with 2-man teams.

Tournament Bound (TB) Team Information

Tournament Bound (TB) team are teams that are trying to get into the NYS Tournament.  Typically, the SYHA TB are: 12u-AA, 14u-AA, 16u-AA, and 18u-AA.  There are special rules for TB Teams.  See information below and consult with your Division Director.  

Inputting Game Scores in SportsEngine

Typically, the team scheduler will input all games and game scores into SportsEngine.  Below are instructions for inputting games into SportsEngine.

SportsEngine App for Smartphones

SportsEngine has a great application for smartphones.  Suggest that parents download the app.  Additionally, the team scheduler can add, modify, and delete scores.  The team scheduler can also enter final games scores.

Scoresheet Instructions

Team must provide a scorekeeper for each home game.  Below are instruction on how to fill out a scoresheet.

Clock Operator Instructions

Below are the instruction for the SCRF clock.  A copy is posted in the scorekeeper's box.

Locker Room Parents

Only individuals that have completed the following steps are allowed in locker rooms:

1) USA Hockey Registation - register as a volunteer for free (annual requirement)
2) SafeSport Training - Free (good for 2 seasons)
3) Background screening - Fee charged (good for 2 years)

Below are links to the process steps.  Completed information should be maintained by the Team Manager in the team binder.

Linking Team Calendars with Smartphone Calendars

The SportsEngine website provides a unique URL for each team's practice and game schedule.  The URL can be linked to a electronic calendar that will be automatically updated as games and practices are added and modified for each team.  Below are instructions on how to use this functionality.  Please not that functionally will differ between calendar services and phones.  


Questions & Answers


Q1.  How do I get team socks?
A1.  Socks are available in the SYHA vending machine.  Larger quantities can be purchased from the SYHA Equipment Manager.  

Q2.  Does use of the SYHA Logo need to be approved?  
A2.  Yes.  Request approval at

Q3.  How does my team get a replacement jersey if his/her jersey is lost or damaged?
A3.  Contact the SYHA Equipment Manager  

Q4.  Does SYHA have trading pins for games / tournaments?
A4.  Yes. Contact the SYHA Equipment Manager  

Q5.  How does my team get practice jerseys?  
A5.  Contact the SYHA Equipment Manager

Q6.  Can players add names to the back of their jerseys?
A6.  No

Q7.  Are parents allowed in locker rooms?
A7.  Only individuals that have completed the following are allowed in a locker room: 1) USA Hockey Registration; 2) SafeSport Training; and 3) Background Screening.  See locker room parents instruction above.  Completed forms should be maintained in the team binder.

Q8.  Does SYHA provide team water bottlers?
A8.  No

Q9.  Are players allowed to put numbers on their helmets?
A9.  Yes

Q10.  Does SYHA provide SYHA helmet stickers?
A10.  No.  SYHA helmet stickers are available in the SYHA vending machine for purchase.  Larger quantities can be purchased from the  SYHA Equipment Manager

Q11.  Can teams use the SYHA Tax ID number to make tax exempt purchases?
A11.  No

Q12.  How do teams request fundraiser information be emailed to SYHA members and posted to the SYHA Facebook page?
A12.  Use the request form located at

Q13.  How does my head coach get game warm-up pucks, puck bag, clipboard, medical kits, and ice packs?
A13.  Contact the SYHA Equipment Manager

Q14.  How does my team get scoresheets and game pucks?
A14.  Contact the SYHA Equipment Manager  A limited number of emergency pucks and scoresheets are available in the equipment locker by locker room #4.  Head coaches have access to the equipment lockers.

Q15.  What types of fundraising is allowed?
A15.  Teams can do any fundraising that is appropriate and respresents SYHA is a positive manner.  Any use of the SYHA Logo must be pre-approved (  

Q16.  How do I get an insurance rider for a coin drop?
A16.  Contact the SYHA President (  

Q17.  What do I do if a player is injured in a practice or a game?
A17.  See SYHA Emergency Action Plan in the SYHA Manual (  All injuries / accidents that occur during official SYHA events (i.e., games and practices) must be reported to the Division Director and SYHA President as soon as possible.  Injury / accident reports must also be submitted (

Q18.  Can SYHA teams play non-USA Hockey registered teams?
A18.  No.  Teams can only play USA Hockey registered teams.  

A19.  Can our teams play games in Canada?
A20.  Yes.  Contact the SYHA registrar to obtain a USAH/Hockey Canada travel permit (  All teams traveling to Canada to participate in sanctioned events must obtain a USAH/Hockey Canada travel permit.  This permit must be approved prior to travel by the USAH District or Associate Registrar in your area.  Travel permits request should be made at minimum 14 days prior to travel, 30 – 40 days in advance is ideal. The following organizations are affilicates with Hockey Canada:  British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association, Hockey Alberta, Hockey Eastern Ontario, Hockey Manitoba, Hockey New Brunswick, Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador, Hockey North, Hockey Northwestern Ontario, Hockey Nova Scotia, Hockey PEI, Hockey Québec, Ontario Hockey Federation, Saskatchewan Hockey Association.