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Skating Lesson Program, General information and FAQ

General Information - Skating Lessons are open to all ages and levels of interest, those interested in hockey or figure skating.  Each session is 7 weeks long, and students skate 1 hour per week, consisting of  1/2 hour of small group lesson, and 1/2 hour of independent practice time to practice time.  Sessions run throughout the year as follows:

  • Winter Session (Jan/Feb), classes offered on Saturdays and Monday evenings;
  • Spring I Session (March/April), classes offered on Saturdays and Monday evenings;
  • Spring II Session (May/June), classes offered on Monday evenings only;
  • Summer Session (July/August), classes offered on Monday evenings only;
  • September Session (Sept/October), classes offered on Monday evenings only;
  • Fall Session (Nov/Dec), classes offered on Saturdays and Monday evenings;

Registration is done online only.  Scroll down our homepage and look for the heading "Skating Lessons", or click (not just hover) on the "registration" tab at the far right of the horizontal menu bar above.  Online registration is usually open three to four weeks before each session begins.  

It is required that you take at least one session of skating lessons or have equivalent experience before taking our "Intro to Hockey" or "Rec Hockey for ages 9-13" programs.

Listed below are some frequently asked questions:

What if I have to miss a class?  Do you offer make up lessons?  

We do not offer a designated make-up class, pro-rated fees, or refunds if you have to miss one, two, or three lessons in a session.   If you are unable to attend 4 or more classes in one session due to an illness or accident, please contact Linda Zahnleuter at

During the Fall, Winter and Spring I sessions, when we offer lessons on both Saturday and Mondays, if you have to miss one of your regular lesson days, you are welcome to come on the opposite day and use the practice side of the ice for the full hour. 

During weeks 2 -7, if you come on your alternate day to make up a missed lesson, you can stop at the registration desk 10-15 minutes before the first lesson and ask the director if there is room available in an appropriate lesson group for your child.  Makeup lessons are not guaranteed.  We do not offer makeup lessons during Week 1. 

Please note, make up lessons will only be provided within the same 7 week session.

May 3 and 4 year olds take lessons?  We have found that the best way to know if the program is right for very young children is to let them try it.  Skaters should be able to watch and listen to the instructor and then be able to follow the directions given by the instructor.  If you register a 3 or 4 year old, and either you or the director decide after the first class that it is too early for them to be out there, we will refund your registration fee.  If you decide your child is not ready and want a refund, you must notify the director or Linda Zahnleuter of this before the second session.

How big are your lesson groups?  Working as best we can within the group of people who register for each session, we try to group skaters of like abilities and like ages together, and keep class sizes under 8-10 skaters per instructor.  

How will my child find their lesson group?  There will be a name tag for each skater in the lobby when you arrive.  On the bottom of the name tag will be your lesson time.  Name tags are color-coded to correspond with colors posted on the glass going around the rink to help skaters locate their lesson group.  There will be helpers available to assist skaters find their lesson group.

Lessons times will be the same time each week. 

Can I go on the ice with my child?  Parents wearing skates are welcome to join their children on the practice area of the ice, which is at the end closest to the lobby doors.  No street-shoes, strollers, or infant carriers are allowed on the ice.  If a parent registers for lessons as well as a child, please be aware you will be in separate lesson groups.  It is not guaranteed but we make every effort to place you in lessons at the same time, so that you can practice together at the same time.

Can siblings also use the practice side of the ice?  The practice area is for registered students to practice; it is not a public skating session.  As a courtesy, siblings  of participants may skate on the practice side of the ice at the discretion of the Director.  The purpose of this area is for students to practice their skills; behavior of advanced skaters which is a distraction to beginner students, such as playing tag or chase, is not allowed.

What do we need to bring or wear?  You may use either figure or hockey skates for lessons.  If you don’t own skates, rentals are available for $3/session.  If you plan on renting, please arrive at least an extra 15 minutes before class.

We recommend all skaters wear a helmet (bike, ski, hockey) and thick gloves or mittens.  Most skaters are comfortable wearing a ski jacket or several loose layers.  Children may wear snow pants.

What time will my lesson be?  On Saturdays, you will either skate from 12:20 to 1:20 or 12:50-1:50.  On the first day, all skaters should arrive in time to be ready to skate by 12:20.  If your lesson is not until 12:50 or 1:20, you are welcome to use the practice ice until your lesson.  Your lesson time will be the same each week.

On Mondays, lessons are offered at 6:00 or 6:30pm, and your independent practice time will be the 30 minutes immediately preceding or following your lesson.   

Lesson times and groups are determined by the Director based on enrollment and are not available prior to the first day of class.   Placement in lesson groups is done at the discretion of the Director.

May we request a particular lesson time, instructor, or to be grouped with a particular person?  In order to provide the best learning experience for all of our skaters, we group skaters of like age and like ability together.  At the same time, we strive to balance the size of the lesson groups comprised of similarly aged/skilled skaters.  We do not guaranty that we can accommodate special requests.  We will endeavor to meet as many requests as possible in the following priority order:

  1. Keeping family members or carpoolers in the same 60 minute block of time (applicable to Saturday lessons only);
  2. Placing adult students and their children in lessons at the same time whenever possible (if your last names are different, please identify the full name of the child or parent in the comments section);
  3. Requests for a specific lesson time based on transportation or availability;
  4. Preferential requests for a particular instructor or classmate will be honored in the order received and only if possible to do so without moving other students.  Once lesson groups are formed other students will not be moved to accommodate a preferential request;
  5. If a parent requests siblings of different ages be in the same lesson group, in most circumstances the older child will be placed in the younger child's group.  We recommend, however, that skaters be placed in the appropriate lesson group for their age.

What is your refund policy?  All registrations are non-refundable unless in the discretion of the Director we are unable to offer an appropriate lesson group of like age or ability students.  If you miss 4 or more classes due to illness or accident, please contact Linda Zahnleuter at  See also above regarding refunds for 3 and 4 year old skaters.